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Dear Reader,

Sound design is a craft that requires a strong connection between the artist and the tools. When the artist wants to do something, the tools should be capable of doing so. This is why I made Davisynth.

I was frustrated with the lack of options within modular synths for creating the powerful sounds you find in VSTs. Modular synths are often criticized for being overly expensive ways to create bleeps and bloops. I agree with this criticism. That’s why I started this project. You should not have to pay over $1000 to get the same capabilities as a $50 VST.

Davisynth’s mission is to make instruments with unbeatable features at a fair price. This is achieved by using the right hardware for the job. Twins is built on a custom hardware platform that uses a small FPGA alongside a traditional microprocessor to perform accelerated math for audio processing applications. To learn more about how Davisynth products make use of the FPGA, read the white paper linked below: